LED Pole Mounted Fixtures

LED Parking Lot Light


  • Available in 60W, 90W, 120W, 150W*, 185W, 240W*, and 300W
  • Replaces up to 1000W MHL and HID
  • Up to 41,000 lumens
  • LED moduels vary depending on wattage
  • Various mounting options and photocell available
  • Rated life hours greater-than 50,000
  • 5 year warranty
  • *high voltage


    Replace your old outdoor fixtures with our superior ULTRA HIGH LUMEN LED Parking Lot Lights!
    With our wide range of wattages and mounting options, the 60W-300W Parking Lot lights are suitable for every size area.

    Call us today at (440)205-1552 to learn more about these LED Fixtures.

    Please click below for specification sheets:

    60W Shoebox

    90W Shoebox

    120W Shoebox

    150W Shoebox High Voltage

    185W Shoebox

    240W Shoebox High Voltage

    300W Shoebox


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