Outdoor Wall Pack / Flood Light

Flood Light


  • Available in both standard and mini sizes
  • Mini Flood Light wattages include: 15W, 30W, and 45W
  • Standard Flood Light wattages include: 70W, 90W, and 110W
  • Replaces up to 320W Metal-Halide*
  • Up to 12,500 lumens*
  • Different mounting options available
  • *For standard size flood light.


    Our Mini and Standard LED Flood Lights produce a wide beam of illumination for several different applications. These weatherproof fixtures guarentee the right amount of light for a variety of setting.

    Please see below for product specifiction sheets:

    15W MINI FLOOD Spec. Sheet

    30W MINI FLOOD Spec. Sheet

    45W MINI FLOOD Spec. Sheet

    70W – 110W STANDARD FLOOD Spec. Sheet