The LED lighting industry is evolving quickly with improvements in technology, and new and better products appearing on the market frequently.

At BestLight LED, our team of engineers and LED experts have identified the best manufacturers in the U.S and abroad to provide our customers with the best possible value. Our team has visited over 70 manufacturing facilities and have identified only those with great quality systems, innovative engineering departments, and advanced production systems. We have extensively tested LED product samples and selected only the products that meet our stringent requirements.

The BestLight LED Difference

Our mission is simple: Make lighting an asset for your business and not a maintenance problem. Our core principal is to put money back in our customers pockets by reducing their overall energy consumption. Our team of engineers and manufacturers are continually on the forefront of developing innovative designs that are helping transform the LED lighting industry and ensuring that you are receiving the newest, most efficient, products available. We feel a great responsibility to create maximum value for our customers and public awareness of using energy efficient products through providing LED products and solutions that are superior to most in the industry.

We found your company about 6 months ago looking for better pricing than what we have been getting, we decided to give your company a shot on a smaller job to see if in fact the product was as good as we were told it was. With some reservations we ordered a few LED light fixtures to try them out, to our surprise they were of good quality and worked very well and the most important part our customer was very pleased they received a good quality product and saved money.

-PZ; Cleveland, OH