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LED Flat Panel Lights

Dimmable, high quality LED Flat Panel Lighting for commercial, retail and institutional applications.


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LED High Bay Lights

UL listed for safety, quality and reliable LED lighting solutions, our LED High Bay fixtures come compact with an aluminum body that is great for heat dissipation. BestLight LEDs high output LED High Bay products are ideal for factories, warehouses, gymnasiums, hospitals, schools, and more!

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LED Pole Mounted Fixtures

These slim profile parking lot and street lights are a low-maintenance and simple solution to replace your traditional metal halide area lights. Notice considerable savings when you have any of our pole mounted fixtures installed.  

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Outdoor Wall Pack / Flood Light

Bright LED fixtures for outdoor security, parking lots, and parking garages.  Available in several variations, our LED Wall Packs and Flood Lights are perfect for your security needs.

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Outdoor LED Canopy Lights

High lumen Canopy lights ideal for gas stations, parking garages, and other outdoor applications.

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LED Tube

LED tube lights are an adaptable, smart, and easy way of transitioning to the technology and benefits of LEDs in a variety of settings!

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LED Rope Light

Multipurpose, high-intensity LED lighting on a linear, self-adhesive, and flexible circuit, serving as the solution to all your DIY lighting projects! Custom LED Strip Lighting Project Builder

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PZ; Cleveland, OH: "We found your company about 6 months ago looking for better pricing than what we have been getting, we decided to give your company a shot on a smaller job to see if in fact the product was as good as we were told it was. With some reservations we ordered a few LED light fixtures to try them out, to our surprise they were of good quality and worked very well and the most important part our customer was very pleased they received a good quality product and saved money."